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How to Make EPS balls ? | Different Solution

Everybody will tell you to make EPS balls, you will need the following materials and equipment:
EPS beads: These are small, unexpanded polystyrene beads that will expand when heated.
Mold or spherical template: A mold or spherical template in the desired size and shape of the EPS balls.
Steam or hot air source: To provide heat for the expansion process.
Steam generator or hot air gun: To supply the heat needed for expanding the EPS beads.
Mixing container: A large container to hold and mix the EPS beads.
Measuring cup or scale: To measure the appropriate amount of EPS beads.
Stirring rod or paddle: To mix the EPS beads thoroughly.
You need invest up to USD100,000 for raw materials and equipment only.
EPS balls machine
The above things are just one side of coin,the other side is that all you need is just a small hot wire foam cutter to cut EPS balls.
We will give you different solution for making EPS balls.
See the video for how to make an EPS balls @
You just buy EPS bricks and buy a small foam cutter machine.The total cost is only several hundreds dollar for free shipping the small cutter to your door.
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