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Knowledge of 4 axis coordination and 3 axis coordination in 4 axis cnc router

There are many people interested of 3D carving.But not all know well 3D carving.How many CNC routers from factories can work on 3D carving? There are too many customers are cheated in buying 3D styrofoam cnc router. These problems are all from 3D carvings.What is 3D carving ? It is not simply like that a styrofoam cnc router with rotary shaft added is for 3D carving.

As we all know,a common styrofoam cnc router is with at least 3 axis,they are axe X,Y,Z.Some routers are with rotary axis A,B,C.CNC routers for 3D carvings may be 4 axis,5 axis or 6 axis. Rotary axe A for axe X,B for Y,C for Z.
4 axis on styrofoam router
We will talk about 4 axis styrofoam CNC router in this article.
4 axis routers are with 4 axis,they are axis XYZ and one rotary axe which may be one of axe A,B or C.The current things in the market is that the 4 axis can be working in coordination or 3 axis of 4 axis in coordination. Coordination means that multiple axis can be rotational at same time.Some may ask: is it affecting my work in carving ? of course,it is.More axis coordination means more complicated planning on carving routine.
All the manufacturer introduce their styrofoam cnc router with 4 axis is a 4 axis seems like that it is a 4 axis router which is with axis XYZ and A.We need check their cnc software to find our answers for the question:is it 4 axis coordination or 3 axis coordination ?A good manufacturer will tell you the fact:this cnc router is 4 axis available but the software is for 3 xis control.
Why the 4 axis styrofoam cnc router have the difference of 4 or 3 axis coordination ?
The answer is in their application.Some small seeds are with small deflection in carvings,so,it is good with 3 coordination cnc router,also the reliefs on columns,some symmetrical and round items are included.
Some unsymmetrical and square shape items are with big deflections,like the god statue are good with 4 coordination cnc router.
styrofoam cnc router
4 axis coordination styrofoam cnc router are more expensive than 3 axis coordination cnc routers,although they are all 4 axis styrofoam cnc routers.
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