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Catalogue of China made CNC foam cutting machine for sale

 We supply cnc foam cutting machine,hot wire cutter,styrofoam cnc router from China.We have single wire cnc 2D cutter,multiwire CNC foam 2D cutting machine,single wire CNC foam 3D cutting machine with turntable,shapewire cutter,eps cutting machine for eps block,foam coating machine etc.There are heavy duty and light duty cnc foam cutting machine for your options.

cnc foam cutting machine for sale in China

For the cnc foam cutting machines,the drawing softwares are AutoCAD,Coreldraw,Devfoam etc,the controlling softwares are CNCUSB,MACH3 etc which are all wellknown in the world.You can feel relaxed if you buy cnc foam cutting machine from us.

The software for cnc foam cutting machine is defoam which enjoys with interesting features like below:
1) Hot wire temperature management, as an On/Off switch or PWM controller
2) Travel distance switch management,it can be useful for calibration of CNC starting points.
3) You can use GamePad controlling devCNC foam movement and command.
4) You can name your hot key to control devCNC foam movement and command.
5) You can create there custom metric movements in an easy way, and apply them immediately, or creating a new cut file (Job) or appending them to the actual job.
6) You can record Jog movements, and load them as a new Job or save as a new GCode file.
7) You can load GM.CUT file and transform it into GCODE,and load as actual job.

Foam cutting work of cnc foam cutting machine uses hot wire to cut through eps styrofoam material. The wire can be heated with electricity conduction on your machine.Hot wire moves through the eps styrofoam material and melts it. Position of both wire ends is precisely controlled to allow the wire to follow the desired cutting path in your controlling software.

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